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Information Management Association

Information Management Association (IMA) is a union for all IT students and everyone who has an interest in IT at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences. We aim at linking student and companies through various events in order for both parts to expand their network and create a platform for future job opportunities.

This picture is the "silly-picture" taken at Google during our study trip visit at their office in Dublin.

Past and upcoming events

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LEGO Group
LEGO Group

14-20. April 2019

IMA's study trip 2019 is going to San Franscisco and Silicon Valley. The trip sold out in 1 minute, and 30 students are visiting the most prominent tech and startup companies in the US for a week!

15. April 2021

Implement will present a real-life case of digital transformation and provide insights into the project management tools and practices they apply when empowering their clients to perform better.

Study Trip to London 2024

24-28. March 2024

London stands at the forefront of global tech innovation. This trip is your gateway to understanding the pulse of the industry and making invaluable connections.

Don't miss out on expanding your network and gain valuable insights in global IT companies.

Company Fair at BSS

30. November 2023

If you are looking for a relevant graduate position, student job, or internship, then join us for an afternoon at our beloved Aarhus BSS to meet with our Partners. 

You will get the chance to network and know a lot more about future possibilities. 

Company Visit: Copenhagen

17. November 2023

Are you considering to know more about job opportunities in Copenhagen? Then don't miss out on this company visit to Copenhagen in November 2023! 

It is going to be a 1-day trip, where you can expand your knowledge about future possibilities in CPH. 

Study Trip:

25-26. May 2023

If you are interested in exploring the job opportunities in Copenhagen, then join us the 25-26th of may 2023.

You can get to know new companies, job opportunities and broaden your 

professionel network.

Business Partners

Want to be a partner?

Do you want to be a partner of a student union that connects you directly to the brightest minds at Aarhus BSS? Partner up with IMA and enhance your company’s network to future graduates who study the newest technologies and management approaches.

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