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IMA Business Partner

What does it mean to be a partner?

As we, at IMA, strives to be the link between the students and the businesses, we are very dependent of our partners. We demand a certain level of engagement from our partners in order to create value for the individual student member – however, what you, as a partner, get in return is of very high level.

You get the get the opportunity to start dialogue with the students before the enter the job market, which ultimately gives you many advantages in your recruitment process. 

Companies become a partner for one year at a time. Within that year, we promise you that you will get:

  • One event – the nature of the event is very open

  • Marketing/Branding through our Facebook-platform (consisting of both students and alumni) and our website.!!!!!

As we know from past partnerships, each partner has their own needs and requirements. Therefore, all partners will be able to form their own partnership term in order for it to satisfy their needs.

Current partners

We currently have nine active partners:

How to become a partner

If you would like any more information or arrange a non-committal meeting about what it means to be a partner, please do not hesitate to contact our Business Relations Managers through the contact form below.

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